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Megan loves to watch the classic cartoons on You Tube.  She curls up with daddy’s laptop and will keep herself entertained.  This has worked in my favor since our TV in the living room is broken. 

What, you didn’t know the TV in the living room is broken?  It’s been broken since the first week of November.  Jarrad and I can’t make a decision on whether or not we should fix it or buy a new one.  So, since no decision has been made, there is no TV in the living room.  It’s not as bad as you would imagine. 

For starters, I don’t have to listen to Sponge Bob anymore.  I also don’t have to ask Megan to turn the volume down, or change the channel (there are certain shows she’s not allowed to watch) or turn the volume way down after she’s going to bed. 

However, there are some drawbacks!  I’m having to watch TV with commercials!  I know, I know – how horrible, TV with commercials.  Do you know it takes me a full two hours to watch the Biggest Loser now; I can usually watch it in about 1.5 hours.  Also, there are a few shows I watch on DVR that I don’t even know what channels they are on, what time or night.  And, actually I don’t even know the names of all the shows. 

Luckily for me, I’m not a big TV watcher, so I’m not horribly upset about the TV in the living room being broken.  I’m actually enjoying all the time that Meg and I are spending together at night.  We are playing more board games, card games and reading together.

I know that in the very near future that Meg will rather go to her room to watch TV than play a game with me, so I’m soaking these moments like there’s no tomorrow! 

Sunday night, I was able to capture these pictures of Meg watching you tube cartoons.  Meg was eating a snack that is why Dixie is sitting so attentively at the chair.  Dixie stayed close until Meg finished her snack.  




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