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There's nothing like downloading pictures from a camera and being pleasantly surprised. It's like the old days of finding a roll of film and not knowing what's on it until you get the roll back from being developed.

I hadn't used my small digital camera since Labor Day weekend and was surprised to find the following cute pictures. Meg loves being at the ranch and being outside. We had to fill feeders while we were there, so we spent a lot of time out on the mule. I had tried to talk her into staying at the house with me so we could lay down to take a nap, but she wouldn't have that. If her daddy was going out on the mule, then we were too. The picture below explains why I wanted her to stay at the house and nap.

We had been out tooling around on the ranch for probably about 1 hour before she fell asleep. She actually crawled up into the seat herself and laid down while Jarrad and I were filling the feeder (I was opening the corn and he was pouring it into the feeder).

Right before this, we had taken the dogs swimming in one of the tanks at the ranch. As soon as Dixie saw the tank, she was off the mule and in the water. I've never seen a dog that loves to swim as much as she does. Her and Ace are both great swimmers, although Ace is always trying to swim on top of Dixie. Sometimes I worry that he's going to drown her or hurt her. But, she always swims away from him some how.

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