This is magical...

Meg's new phrase. Everything is "magical". She said the time she spent with Tanner and Colton over the weekend was "magical". Avery's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese..."magical". Playing with Marissa at school today..."magical".

The funniest thing about this new phrase is that she told me all of the above on the way to Little Gym tonight. She's such a nut.

We leave for San Antonio tomorrow to see Poppy & Meme. I'm sure our trip will be "magical". When I told her today that we were going to SA on an airplane...she told me she wanted to ride on the orange & blue airplane. It still amazes me the things she remembers and the things I take for granted. After all, she's going to get to ride on an orange & blue airplane because we're flying Southwest.

Blogging may be non-existent over the weekend, but I will be sure to update next week with plenty of pictures (and stories I'm sure).

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