It should be called the TERRIBLE threes!

I never really had a case of the terrible twos with Megan. I was always thankful that she was a sweet little girl. Tonight I saw a side of Meg that I have never seen before! Her and I had to stop at Target on the way home for a few small items. She was really good in the parking lot and was sweet at first. Before we got to Target, she asked me if we could get her some more gum. I told her as long as she was a good girl, that wasn't a problem. So, she was sitting in the front of the shopping basket and kept standing up. I told her if she stood up one more time, that she was going to have to sit in the kid seat of the buggy. Just to test me, she lifted her bottom off the basket. I immediately picked her up and put her in the kid seat. She screamed and screamed and screamed. I had more than one mother tell me..."I remember those days". She wasn't getting her way, so she kept screaming and then she hit me. I took her gum away and put it back on the shelf. We left target...a very unhappy, gum less Megan. I've decided that we give in too much and I'm not going to tolerate this behavior any more!

I still love her to death, but boy is this going to be a challenge - her and I are so much alike that I have a feeling this is definitely not the last time that we will butt heads!

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