Leave me alone...

Meg's new catch phrase for anything and everything. We're sitting outside on the patio tonight and she keeps going in and out and in and out. Every time she goes in, she's empty handed...every time she comes out, she has more stuff. She's packing up her hummer because she's going to SA (according to her). I just told her, Meg, "Stop bringing stuff outside"...her response...


It probably reads sweeter than it sounds when it comes out of a three year old's mouth! She says it with a certain tone and it just completely gets under my skin. Short term goal for self: Take the phrase "Leave me alone" out of Meg's vocabulary!

It's such a beautiful night out tonight, a little on the chilly side for me, but still beautiful. I'm thankful that I got a new battery for my laptop...it's allowing me to blog from outside (instead of inside "plugged-in"). So, I'm working on my blog (and some digital scrapbook pages) while Megan plays in her hummer. Jarrad is inside watching "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader".

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