What a wonderful weekend

Meg and I have been in San Antonio since Friday. We arrived around lunch time Friday and leave tomorrow around the same time. We've had an amazing weekend.

It has been a much needed break from our busy schedules.

Friday night, I went to dinner with three of my girlfriends from childhood (and high school). We met at El Jarro (of course). It was so amazing to catch up with the girls. It's definitely something we need to make a habit of. I miss the girls from SA so much.

After girls' night out, Jamie dropped me off at my parents and I went over to Ruth & Taylor's house. This was around mid-night. Keep in mind, that my parents had Megan, so I was a little excited about my new found freedom. I visited with Ruth, Beth & Steff until 2. I'm glad I made the visit because I found out that Steff was pregnant :) I'm so excited for her and Tim. After leaving Ruth's house, I headed over to Paduka & Grace's house to see the bride & groom one last time before they got married. I hung out over there for about an hour and then came back home. I was so tired on Saturday that I took a nap before noon. I love that my parents watched Meg so I could do that...not sure I would have survived Saturday night if I hadn't.

Saturday afternoon/night, we went to Grace & Paduka's wedding. It was such a beautiful wedding. They actually got married in the same church that my parents got married in 36 years ago. After the ceremony, we went to the reception. It was a great party. Meg had a blast dancing.

Sunday we had some breakfast at Jim's, then went to Costco. Never fails...when in SA, we always have to make a trip to Costco - mom and dad are addicted to that place. Later this afternoon, the Middletons and Ruth & Taylor came over for an early dinner. The kids had a blast playing together. Maddie, Meg and Layton swam in the bubble pool and the adults visited. I'm so glad Jamie & Lath are back in town - I have missed her so much!

We leave to go back to Mansfield tomorrow - sad to go, but we miss Jarrad. I'm sure he misses us too.

This is a picture of Megan from her 3rd birthday - I love this picture so much! I can't believe how big she is - it seems like just yesterday, Jarrad and I found out we were having a baby!

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