Fright Fest

Friday night, we went to Fright Fest at Six Flags in Arlington. Every year the company I work for hosts a Halloween party for the employee's children. It's usually held at the office, where the employees decorate offices and then the children come through to "Trick or Treat" in the office.

This year, my company decided to take the party to Six Flags for Fright Fest. Meg had never been to Six Flags before, so it was a real treat. We arrived around 6:30 and found our way back to the pavilion where dinner was being served. Of course, this was after we rode the giant carousel that is the first thing you see when you walk in to Six Flags (picture on left).

After dinner, it was off to the area of the park that is for the little kids. I wasn't sure how she was going to do with rides because of her traumatic experience at the State Fair, but she loved it. Some rides, she rode alone and others I had to ride with her. I think she had a blast.

The picture on the right is the last picture I took of the night. You can't tell, but she has HUGE circles under her eyes, her lips are chapped, and she's cold (couldn't get her to wear a hat). So, we had a drink, rode one last ride and headed home. She was such a big girl all night. She never ran off, which was a bit of a shock to me. I thought for sure that I would be chasing my three year old around the park.

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Amanda S said...

She was a very brave girl. Not to mention that as we are leaving she has to ride every ride we passed.

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