The Swing vs Meg

Megan had a tough day at school today. When Jarrad picked her up, the day care worker told Jarrad that Meg fell off the swing. Apparently saying that she "fell" off the slide just doesn't quite do it justice. She must have gone flying off the swing, not landing on her feet. She's scratched up on her tummy and a little on her chin. Jarrad said that they told him that she had a mouth full of dirt. I guess it just wasn't Meg's day.

Mom and dad came into town today. Dad has a meeting tomorrow and Thursday, so mom came along for the ride. She's going to watch Meg tomorrow and Thursday while I'm at work. Tonight, we met Landon at Outback for dinner. Back to Megan...she had her first "chair accident" tonight. I don't know how many times I've told her to sit in her chair before she gets hurt...well, tonight was the night. She was standing in her chair and leaning on the table, when the chair slipped out from her. Lucky for her, Jarrad and I have quick reflexes. I caught her by her arm and Jarrad caught her by the butt. Tragedy was adverted - for tonight anyway.

This is a pic of Meg from Sunday when she was playing in the backyard with the water hose and dogs.

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