Breckenridge (Part 2)

After a wonderful Saturday night with friends and family, it was work time at the ranch. Jarrad needed to get the feeders filled before deer season starts this year. It actually worked out that we could go to the party and get some work done.

This was Gunner's first ranch trip, so he had to learn a hard lesson. We always take the dogs out with us when we go to fill feeders. Dixie and Ace have always rode in the bed of the mule, so Gunner wasn't going to be treated any differently.

Well, as you can imagine, Gunner jumped out of the bed as soon as we started going. So, we made him run along side for a while (we did it to Ace too the first few times). I thought he would learn, but nope. As soon as Jarrad put him back in the bed, he popped right back out.

Meg volunteered to ride back there with him to hold him in until he got used to it. That did the trick. She did so good at "training" Gunner to stay in the bed of the mule. She was so proud of herself.

***Gunner running behind the mule***
***my old deer blind - I shot my first buck out of this**

***I love her in a hat***

***the road to the mountain feeder***
***Jarrad emptying the feeder before filling it back up with 1,000lbs of corn***

***Beautiful Megan***

***Gunner found a comfy spot in the shade***
***isn't this a sweet picture of Gunner and Meg's legs***

***Dixie loves the ranch - look how dirty her feet were***

***this little guy was so close that I could have reached down and touched him***

***Meg loves playing in the bags of corn***

***Dixie taking cover in the shade***

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