A quick trip to Breckenridge, TX (Part 1)

On Saturday, Jarrad and I loaded up the kids and headed out to Breckenridge for a party at a family friend's house. Meg, Dixie & Gunner climbed into the back of the truck and were ready to go. Dixie knew where we were going - anytime we put the Mule on the trailer, she gets super excited because she knows it means we're heading out to the ranch.
***Dixie, Meg & Gunner chillin' in the back seat***
I was super bored in the car, so was taking very random pictures the whole ride. I'm sure it drove Jarrad crazy to have the camera going off every five seconds, but I was having fun :)

***the view out of my mirror***
When we started the drive, the skies were a beautiful blue. However, the closer we got to Breckenridge, the darker the skies got. When I checked the radar, I saw what we were in for.
***the sky right before the bottom fell out***

***the view out of our windshield***
***waiting for Jarrad to make the snake check***
***Meg was ready to get out of the car***
Once we got to the ranch, we unloaded the truck and got ready for the party at the Broyles house. Jarrad had to run to Eastland before we went, which gave me plenty of time to get showered and ready. He got back to the ranch house around 5 and we headed out.
***the view from the Broyles' driveway***
***the food was AMAZING***
***Meg fell down and I had to snap a picture before I made everything OK***
***I love this picture***

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