Her own iPod shuffle!

Meg loves music. She is always borrowing my iPod to play music outside while she plays in the backyard or in her play room. Last year, for Christmas, my parents gave Megan an MP3 player and she LOVED it. She always knows where it is and loved strutting around the house with her ear phones and her "my iPod".

This year, Meg was in total shock when she opened her gift from Meme and Poppy. They gave her a small pink music speaker that will play the songs that I uploaded on her very own iPod Shuffle. She was so excited. When we went to run a few errands on Saturday, she wore her iPod and listened to her music the whole time. I took her to Best Buy to buy her some headphones that would fit in her little ears.

***getting ready to open Meme & Poppy's gift***
***she's FIVE***

***look how shocked she is***

***at this point, she only thinks its the speaker case***

***and, she's super excited about it***

After we told her to open the speaker, she was so excited when she saw her very own pink iPod shuffle.
***Meg with her iPod & speaker case***

***thank you Meme & Poppy***

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