Hotter than hell

Saturday, Meg and I met our good friends Laura & Lauren at the Ft. Worth Zoo for a hot (but fabulous) afternoon. The zoo wasn't very crowded probably because it was 100 degrees, but we had a great time. We saw most of the animals. We rode the train twice and the girls rode the carousel.
***beautiful Megan***
***it just wouldn't be a trip to the zoo without a meltdown***

***I love this little guy***

***Meg and Lauren***
***the girls***

***beautiful Lauren***

***so sassy, I love how they are both tilting their heads to the same side***

***I love this girl***

***isn't he beautiful***

***the lions***

***the end of the day***

1 comment:

Chelle said...

The zoo is always a good time--and I admire that you went there in 100 degrees, girl!

Love the pics--and love the fact that you threw in a meltdown pic, too :)

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