The smallest room in the house

My office is one of the smallest rooms in our house. I sit in it every day from 8:00 - 5:00...even when I'm alone, I feel the walls closing in on me. Megan and the dogs have decided that my office is now their favorite place to get some r-n-r.

Gunner and Megan take up residence under my scrapbook desk, while Dixie usually sleeps at my feet under my computer desk. To say it's a bit crowded would be a HUGE understatement. However, it does allow me to get some pretty cute pictures!!!

***Gunner and Meg snuggling***

***Gunner is like Gumby - he can fold himself into the strangest positions***

***Here, he's Meg's pillow and using her as a pillow too***

***Dixie thinks it's too much and is begging me to kick the other two out***

1 comment:

Sue said...

too cute!
Funny... I made a gumby reference in my blog before I saw your post!!

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