How can it be?

Last week, I took Megan to Staples to shop for school supplies {gasp}. How have five years already come and gone? Why has time gone by so fast? Five years ago, I was preparing the nursery for her arrival and last week I took her shopping for school supplies. I'm not sure I'm ready for kindergarten, but I guess it doesn't matter if I'm ready or not.
Meg had a great time shopping for her school supplies. Of course, she wanted to put everything in the buggy. I'm not sure she understood that she had to shop from a list. There aren't many pictures from the actually shopping experience because Staples was running on their back up generator, so it was dark (and hot) inside.
***hanging out on the front of the shopping cart***
***looking at the desks***

***Meg with all of her supplies***
***Meg showing Daddy all her new stuff***
***she's so excited***
***Daddy is just as excited as Meg**
***Meg's new scissors. I tried to find lefty scissors, but I couldn't***
***trying on her new purple backpack***
***Meg's new lunch box***
***putting her backpack on again after Daddy adjusted the straps***

***I'm pretty sure the backpack weighs more than she does***
***look how big it is***

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looking4#3 said...

I am so sorry it has taken me forever to comment on your blog. Thank you so much for your kind words when we lost our "Magic", time has helped, but I am still missing her terribly!!!
Hoping, wishing and praying.
Yes, it is incredible how the time flies with kids. I can't stand it. Wait til the homework assignments come and you can't answer the questions!!! Yep, that started in first grade for me---
Will be checking in and commenting regularly!!!

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