Bath time with Meg

Meg is staying home with me now until she starts Kindergarten. I love having her around the house everyday and she has been so good.

Last week, she was playing outside in the back yard with her baby and the baby got dirty. Meg came in and asked if I could help her. I told her that I would start a bath for her and she could bathe the baby doll. She was so excited.

By the time I got a charged battery in my camera and back into the bathroom, she was getting baby out of the bath to dry her off. It was so cute to watch her.

Meg laid a towel on the ground so she could lay her baby down. Gunner thought that she was laying it down for him and quickly circled around and laid down.

I told her to move into the extra bathroom where there was counter space to dry her baby. She laid down the towel and wrapped the baby up. It was so adorable!

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