Rehearsal Dinner

Last Friday night, we had rehearsal and rehearsal dinner for Michelle & Nick's wedding. Meg and Jarrad were both in the wedding.

Meg did so well, she listened and didn't spend too much time running around like a crazy child. Although, she did have her moments ;)

After the quick rehearsal, we headed to Mercado for rehearsal dinner. Jarrad & I had our rehearsal dinner at Mercado, so it brought back wonderful memories. While we were there, Michelle & Nick handed out the wedding party gifts. Jarrad got a bottle of scotch (can't go wrong with that) and Meg...

***...she got a Coach purse***
Stacy & I were both watching Meg when she opened her gift. As soon as she saw it, she said "A Coach purse". I know it's probably not a good sign that my daughter knew that it was a Coach as soon as she opened it...she's only 4. The teenage years are going to be brutal :)

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The White House said...

That is hilarious that she knew Coach! I didn't get any sweet gifts like that when I was a flower girl!

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