My little monkey

Meg has never been a big climber. The heights of her climbing started and stopped at climbing onto the couches. I never had to worry about her climbing up on the counters, tables, bathroom sinks, etc. She was perfect content just staying close to the ground...

Well, a switch has flipped and this girl is into climbing everything. I was able to snap a few pictures of her climbing around on her play set. She loves hanging upside down from that bar (which, makes me super nervous).

She's even mastered climbing the monkey bars so she can sit and swing on the swing bar. I'm so proud of her for trying things that she was very scared of doing before, but this can only mean one thing...my little girl is growing up. And, there isn't anything that she will let get in her way!

After a long evening of monkeying around, she had to take a rest. I couldn't resist snapping this picture. She looks so grown up!

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