San Antonio Visit

Meg and I always enjoy our visits in San Antonio. No matter how long we stay, it never seems long enough.

Meg and I arrived on Wednesday...we couldn't wait to meet Gunner. The drive down was very annoying entertaining. For the first two hours, Meg sang. Out loud. No song in particular, just words strung together in a sing song voice. I tried to "drown" out the singing by turning up the radio - wrong...this only made Meg sing louder. I tried to talk her into singing along with the radio - she wanted nothing of that. After two solid hours of singing, it stopped...

But, then this started..."How much longer?" "Are we there yet?" "Why is it taking so long?" I much preferred the singing to the interrogation to be honest.

Once we finally got there, we were both happy to be out of the car.

Thursday we just hung around the house. Late in the afternoon, we got a short thunderstorm. Since it hardly ever rains in SA, Poppy and Meg went outside to enjoy the rain.

Taylor, Ruth, and Luke came over Thursday night for dinner. Luke is growing so fast. It's hard to believe that he's already two months old. He's super adorable, and Meg loves helping out with diaper changes and entertaining Luke.

***Taylor & Luke***

Friday afternoon, Meg called Meme and I into the kitchen. She wanted us to "look" at Poppy. This was what we saw. Poppy is a dog lover - it was very cute.

***Poppy (aka, the dog whisper)***

Of course, while we were in San Antonio, we had to do lots of swimming. Meg would swim from the time she woke up until the time she went to bed if we'd let her. I'm so proud of her. She's swimming like a champ.

I'm still loving my underwater camera. I've definitely gotten my money's worth. I only wish I heard about it before.

We spent most of the weekend in the pool. The weather was great while we were in town, so it was hard not to spend all of our free time in the pool. Friday, Ruth and Sheryl hung out with us all day at the pool. We were so glad they were able to come over. Taylor came over too mid-day for some swimming and relaxing.

***Meg and Mommy***

***Another underwater shot***

***I wish Meg was smiling, not looking like I'm holding her under against her will***

***Meg has been in the sun so much this summer that I made her wear a hat***

***another underwater shot***

***I love this girl***

***Gunner and Poppy***

***Mommy & Meg***

***Meg and Meme***

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