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I couldn't be more proud of Megan this weekend. While we were on vacation, we asked her if she'd like to learn how to water ski. I was surprised when she said yes. She's never seen anyone water ski before, so I'm not sure she knew exactly what to expect.

***Meg right before her skiing lesson***

We got Meg ready for her lesson and put her and poppy in the lake behind the boat. My dad has taught a ton of kids how to water ski. He is so amazing when he's teaching kids to ski. His patience is amazing.

Once he got Meg into the water, he put her on his left side (the side he has always taught from) and helped her get into her water skis. Then he talked to her a little bit, then told Jarrad to start towing them.

On her very first try she popped right out and was skiing all by herself. It was so amazing to watch. It was so natural for her. She was so comfortable, that she was even holding on with one hand and waving to other boats as they drove by.

***the proud instructor and even more proud student***

***My little skier***

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Suzanne said...

OMG! She was so awesome!!!!!

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