{Proud to introduce...}

: : : GUNNER : : :
He's the newest member of our family. Meg and I picked him up last week in San Antonio.
Jarrad didn't know what we were going to do after Ace died. We were all heart broken and didn't know if we would ever find the "right" dog for our family. We spent a whole week talking about breeds....did we want a small dog? (NO); did we want another lab? (we both love labs); did we want to get a huge dog? (NO); how long should we wait? (at least until the end of the summer - we're just so busy that we didn't feel like we had enough time to put into training a puppy); should we just adopt a puppy? (that's a possibility); etc, etc, etc.
For a week straight, Jarrad and I talked about this every morning, day and night. Dixie was starting to fall into a slight "funk" and Meg was starting to really miss Ace. We really wanted to make sure that which ever puppy we chose was the right choice for our family.
On Friday, June 19, my dad called me to ask me if we were interested in a 6-month old, male Weimaraner puppy. I immediately called Jarrad to see what he thought. Much to my surprise, he said "YES". No hesitation, no second thoughts, just a YES. I was so excited. I immediately called Dad back to let him know that we were definitely interested.
A friend of the family worked with the owner in San Antonio, so my parents made the arrangements to pick up our new puppy for us on Saturday, June 20. Meg and I made arrangements to go to SA as quickly as we could to get him. We loaded up the car on Wednesday and headed down south to pick him up.
Mom had sent me plenty of pictures and videos in the few days before we were able to make it and all of us were already in love with him. As soon as we found out we were getting a puppy, Meg decided on the name Gunner.
When Meg and I arrived to SA, we were both super excited to meet the new puppy. I think Meg was expecting something smaller, but she was still so excited. After only a few days, Meg and Gunner were like peas and carrots. He seemed to follow her everywhere.
I know that it was hard for Dad to let Gunner go home with us on Sunday. Dad has such a soft spot in his heart for puppies and Gunner was no exception. The whole time we were in SA, he kept saying "If I hadn't told Megan that she could have him, I would be keeping him."
We've made it home and so far so good. Gunner and Dixie are adjusting to each other. Gunner is still working on being potty trained, but he's a super sweet dog. We have signed up for puppy training at Petsmart that will begin next week. I'm sure I'll have great stories.
He's going to be a huge dog - at 6 months, he already weighs 40lbs and he's taller than Dixie. Guess we are going to have a large dog. Sometimes things work out differently than you may have planned, but Gunner is definitely worth it.
***Our beautiful new puppy***
***Meg and her new best friend***

***he is such a great puppy***

***a little skinny, but we're working on it***


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Chelle said...

Oh, Allison, he's beautiful! Seriously...wow!

I'm so happy you guys have found a puppy to love. One of the hardest things is when a pet passes away.

I can't wait to hear puppy training stories! Hehe :)

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