Family vacation...lots of pictures!

We had our second annual family vacation with my parents, brothers, sisters-in-law and nephew this past weekend at Possum Kingdom. I think we all had a great time. I know I did :)

Jarrad and I drove out to PK on Wednesday night. We got to the house, unpacked and relaxed. The next morning, Jarrad and I got up early to go out on the lake. This year, we borrowed Nick's Moomba wake board boat. Jarrad and I spent a few hours out on the lake just the two of us before everyone started showing up.

Kyle & Sheryl were the first to arrive. As soon as they got there and unpacked, we headed out in the boat again for a quick swim and boat ride. A few hours later, Meme, Poppy & Megan arrived...and, after unloading we went back out again.

Taylor, Ruth & Luke arrived on Friday mid-day. We were so excited to have everyone there.

Saturday, we rented a pontoon boat and headed to Hell's Gate for most of the day. Jarrad and Kyle went ahead of us in Nick's boat and found us a good "spot" to drop anchor for the day. Meme, Poppy, Meg, Sheryl and I followed behind in the pontoon boat. Once we finally arrived at Hell's Gate, we dropped anchor and floated around for a few hours. It was such a beautiful day. The only thing missing was Taylor, Ruth & Luke. But, seeing as Luke is only about 10 weeks old, they stayed back at the house.

While we were there, Meg did something that made me so proud!!! Stay tuned for more details!

***Meg and Poppy Thursday afternoon***
***Meme, on our way out Thursday afternoon***
***Kyle & Poppy***
***Meg was a peach eating fool this weekend***

***Meg with crazy hair***

***Gunner's first boat ride***

***Jarrad & Allison***

***Taylor, Luke and Ruth sleeping in on Saturday morning***

***Meg slept on the couch the second night***

***Hell's Gate at PK***

***Meg and Jarrad at Hell's Gate***

***Kyle & Poppy at Hell's Gate***
***Sheryl at Hell's Gate***
***Poppy & Meg***

***Meg sitting in the back of the boat***

***Dixie enjoying the boat ride***

***Sweet Gunner***

***Gunner and Dixie on a dock***

***Gunner had a great time at the lake***

***Mommy & Megan***
On Sunday, we rented a jet ski for a few hours. Meme stayed at the house with Luke so Taylor and Ruthie could come out with us. We went out for about four hours and had a blast. I only took a few pictures. I could kick myself for not taking more...it's so not like me to take so few pictures!!!
***self portrait***

***Meg and Daddy going on a jet ski ride***

***Meg and Daddy riding off on the jet ski***

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