Sweet & Sassy

For the wedding, I decided to take Megan to Sweet & Sassy for a mini spa/salon day. I got her the "Pampered Princess" spa package which includes shampoo, haircut, style out, mini-mani, mini-pedi, 2 nail arts, ring and a toe ring.
She had a blast. We did everything except the mini-mani because she was ready to go. She had been sitting still for about 1.5 hours, so I wasn't surprised that she didn't want to sit around for another 20 minutes for her mani.
***getting her hair shampooed***

***on her way to the salon chair***

***first, we had to cut her hair***
***I love the face she's making***

***beautiful girl***
***her new cut all blown out***
***getting ready for the up-do***
***a work in progress***
***she loved being pampered***
***almost finished***
***hair all finished, now getting ready for her pedicure***

***she looks too comfy***

***I think she could get used to this***
***she giggled the whole time during her pedicure because it "tickled"***

***The Pampered Princess***
***I loved her hair - it turned out so adorable***
Meg had a blast. We were actually back at the mall where this store is on Sunday and she wanted to get her hair done again. I had to explain to her that it's only on special occasions. She seemed OK with that answer.

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Chelle said...

That place sounds like so much fun! Why didn't they have things like that when we were growing up?!

And she looks adorable :) They did a great job and she looks like a total princess!

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