Fourth of July Fun

Meg, Jarrad and I met our wonderful friends, The Sorensons, out at the lake for the 4th this year for some lake swimming and fireworks watching. Meg couldn't wait to get into the lake, so as soon as we got to the campsite, we headed straight down to the lake for a swim.

Suz and Colton joined us. Colton did so awesome. At first, he didn't want to get in, but after Suz dragged him into the lake, he had a blast. She actually had to drag him OUT of the lake when it was time to go back to the camp site.

***Colton & Suz***
***Sweet Megan***
***Mommy & Megan***

***Allison & Suz***

***Colton & Suz***

***Auntie Al & Colton***

***Meg & Colton***

Once it got dark, we all moved down to the bank so we could see the fireworks. Meg usually loves fireworks, but this year she decided to climb all over Seth instead. Tanner was so adorable, she kept saying "I've never seen fireworks before". She'd say it every time a firework went off.

***Megan and Tanner***

***Meg and Daddy***

***Suz, Meg and Tanner***
(Tanner was being silly and kept "falling" off of Suz's legs)

***a bad shot of fireworks***

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Suzanne said...

Girl I love the pictures! Can you email them to me to my email address?

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