Grapefest 09

One weekend in September, Meg & I went to Grapefest with Nawnaw. It was beautiful day to walk main street in Grapevine. We stopped for a drink and corn dog about half way thru the street. It's not a day at Grapefest without a corn dog :)

As we were walking thru the streets, Meg noticed the children with painted faces...so, of course we had to stop to get hers done too.

***Meg getting a princess mask painted on her face***

***One eye down, one to go***

***It amazes me how the kids will sit so still while they're having their faces painted***

***a little dramatic flare***

***GLITTER, the finishing touch***


***admiring her new face***

After we Meg had her face painted, we headed over to the rides for one ride. I was so happy to have Nawnaw there with us. Meg wasn't tall enough to ride by herself, and I'm not sure I should be riding around in roller coasters yet (need to ask my back doctor).
Meg had an absolute blast on the roller coaster, not sure I can say the same thing for Nawnaw. But, she was a good sport and laughed the whole time.

***getting ready for the ride***

***Meg & Nawnaw in the front car***
***Nawnaw looks like she's having more fun than Megan***

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