Jarrad's Buck

Jarrad headed out to the ranch for opening weekend of bow hunting. Meg and I weren't able to go along because we had her soccer games that weekend. Jarrad left out on Friday afternoon and came home Sunday. On Saturday morning, he called to let us know that he shot two hogs, but didn't see any deer. He said he was going to go back out on Saturday afternoon, to hopefully shoot "the big one".

When Jarrad is out there alone, I always make him call me when he gets in from the hunts. I'm a worrier, so I need to know that he's back at the house safe and sound. Saturday night, around 9:30, he calls and the first sentence out of his mouth is "We've got a bit of a situation". Seriously, my heart fluttered - I couldn't imagine what had happened, but my mind automatically started thinking that I was going to have to load Meg up and head out to the ranch to help...

Turns out that he had shot a HUGE buck, but couldn't find him. After I calmed down, I told him that not being able to find the buck wasn't a situation. He told me he was going to go back out to look for the buck. I made him promise me that he would call when he got back to the house - no matter how late it was.

About 1.5 hours later, he called with good news. He had located his buck. Jarrad was so excited and couldn't wait to get home to show his trophy to his girls.

Jarrad got home Sunday a little after lunch. He dropped the two pigs and the deer meat off at the processor and brought the deer home to take to the taxidermist.

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