My Little Soccer Player!!!

Meg is playing soccer this year and was excited when I told her that I had signed her up. The season started in early September, but because of the weather we didn't have our first game until Saturday morning. Actually, we had two games on Saturday because we had our originally scheduled game and a make up game.

The games are 4 8-minute quarters with a short half time. Coach puts one set of girls in for one quarter, and rotates in the other girls for the next quarter. It worked out VERY well. Meg's team's name is "Purple Stars". The coaches daughter named our team.

Meg was excited about going to practices and was excited about her first game...but, when game time came around, her excitement disappeared. I think she was nervous. The first game didn't go very well. The girls on the other team looked like they were 8 years old and played better than most 8 year olds.

She still had a good time, but wasn't sure what she was supposed to be doing, so would step out of the way of the other players most of the time.

***Meg & Brenna***
The second game was much better. The teams were much better matched and the game was more enjoyable for our girls.
***Coach pointing Meg in toward the goal***

***Meg dribbling the ball***

***Meg sitting out for one quarter***

***Go Meggie Go!***

***The entire team***
***Megan, Brooke, Caelyn, Brenna, Lindsey, Erin***

***Meg helping me video the game***
I hope to get the video uploaded soon.

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