Dinner with Boompaw & Nawnaw

Last Wednesday, Luke & Patty came over for dinner. Jarrad had just gotten all of his deer meat and hog meat back from the processor...there was no way we were going to be able to eat all of it, so we asked Luke if he would like some.

So, Patty & I planned a night that we could get together at the house for dinner. Meg was so excited to see Boompaw. I don't think she had seen him since his and Jarrad's birthday dinner at Babe's.

Nawnaw (in true Nawnaw fashion), came in with her hands full of "stuff" for Meg. She gave her a small little orange sack full of erasers for Halloween and brought her a few cookies to decorate for Halloween too.

While the boys were outside cooking our dinner, the girls stayed inside to decorate Halloween cookies and visit. The boys came inside to get out of the rain and cold for a short break and Boompaw was admiring the cookies. Meg told him he cold have one after dinner.

***Meg concentrating on decorating cookies***

***Meg, Boompaw, Nawnaw***

***cookies in progress***

After dinner, Meg read us Marley & Me (she can't actually read, but she had the book memorized). After the reading, Boompaw was finally able to have his cookie.

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