National Night Out

On Thursday, October 15 our neighborhood hosted 2009 national night out. In years past, we haven't been able to attend. However, I wasn't going to miss it this year!

So, Jarrad got home early and we went out for National Night Out to hob-knob (Mom, that was for you) with our neighbors. Our neighborhood is big, so there are a lot of families that we haven't had the chance to meet.

We had a great time. I met tons of new people and most of them had children Meg's age. We're looking forward to building great relationships with our neighbors!

The set up was fantastic. Target donated cases of water and juice boxes for the kiddos, as well as beach balls, games and raffles. There was plenty for the kiddos to do. Hula hoops, three-legged races, ring toss, beach balls, and a bounce house. A few of the boys even put together a pick up football game. It was so great to see the kids playing together - it was like they had been doing it for years.

Meg made a new little friend, Anna (who is four). They were connected at the hip. As it turns out, Anna has a twin sister and a little sister. I was able to visit with their mom for a lot of the night. I look forward to getting to know this family better.

***sponsored by Target***

***Meg & Bailey***

***Meg playing ring toss***

***right-handed ring toss***

***nope, better stick with the left***

***Meg, Addie & Bailey***

***Playing catch with Bailey***

***the bounce house was about an hour late. The kids were so excited when it arrived. I love how Meg and Bailey are holding hands and waiting so patiently***
***almost ready for bouncing***

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