My poor baby!

Meme and Poppy's visit must have worn Megan out. Tuesday morning when I woke her up, she was running a 100 degree fever. She looked so pathetic. Poppy said she had been up four times that night. Isn't he so wonderful, he tended to Meg and didn't even wake me up. Meg has such a wonderful relationship with Poppy!

I tried to convince Meg that it would be ok to stay home for a little while, but she insisted on going to school. So, off she went. I did walk her into her class and tell the teacher. Mrs. Kelly said that she would call me if anything happened. By the time I picked Meg up from school, she was back to her normal self. Fever free and running around like a crazy kid.

***Meg sitting at the table after waking up*** ***there were a few smiles...

....and a couply of giggles....

....but they didn't last long***

***poor girl***

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