A Double Birthday Party

Meg was invited to Avery's and Addison's double birthday party last weekend. Their party was at a place in Cleburne called Jump-n-Apes. It's an inflatable bounce house party place. Meg had a wonderful time. She loves bounce houses and has NO fear. As soon as we walked in, she took her shoes off and was gone. This is the only place that I don't have to fight her about wearing socks.

She was in and out of every bounce house in the place. I didn't get many good pictures because the place was painted green like a jungle, so everything had a green tint to it.

The kids had a great time and were super sad when it was time to go.

***Tanner & Meg******Meg trying to help Tanner. The last step was a little too tall for her to get up there***

***Meg going down the huge slide***

***Meg giving Colton and extra boost to help him up to the top***

***I love Colton's hair in the picture***

***I love to see her this happy***

***Tanner was getting a little tired***

***if only Tanner hadn't moved***

***begging Suzanne for something***

***waiting for cupcakes (which she didn't even want to eat)***

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