Letter of the week...."H"

Every week, Meg has a "letter of the week" at school. A few weeks ago, the letter was H...if you have a child, I'm sure you can see where this is going...

So, Meg was in the man cave talking to Jarrad and me about words that start with the letter H. She was sounding things out; horse, house, hamburger, etc, when Jarrad said "Hair starts with H, you should cut some of your hair off".

I could have kicked him!!! Seriously, you can't plant that idea in the head of a 5-year old girl who has access to scissors. So, he said "Meg, you know you shouldn't cut your hair right?" Well, he was too late - the seed had already been planted.

The next morning, when I was helping Meg in the bathroom, I noticed it...the section of hair that was shorter than the rest of her hair. When I asked her about it, the very first thing she said was "Don't tell daddy". She knew she was busted and she knew she shouldn't have done it. I'm just thankful that it was a small section and she didn't cut it off at her scalp.

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Darla said...

That silly girl. You are sooooo very luck that was all she did.

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